Galt.IO Raising $1m For Exclusive Social Network



Galt.ioLibertarian-minded social network Galt.IO is raising $1m with $100k sold, according to a recent SEC disclosure filing.

Former radio show host Jason Lewis teamed up with Kurt Lieberman and Alex Huff to launch early last year with a ~$600k crowdfunding campaign.

“ is a members-only network of makers inspired by “Galt’s Gulch” from Ayn Rand’s classic novel “Atlas Shrugged”. Members are part of a virtual economy that uses Galtcoins to invest in causes.  Unlike social networks that gather around frivolous interactions between members, members collaborate around serious issues concerning our country, politics and government. Members who contribute to the community earn Galtcoins through dividends, voting and updates.”



  • Vince Bullinger

    I hope this takes off.

    • Alex Huff

      Thanks Vince. So do we!

  • Daren Klum

    Way to go Alex!!! GO GALT.IO!!!

  • todd

    Good thing they have this publicly funded Internet infrastructure to build it on.

    • Astray Adventurer

      Hrmm developed by the military and pioneered by universities. But the infrastructure is all ISP and private companies. Ask the Bells, At&ts, Qwests, etc. The internet we know it today is all thanks to private companies.