Meet Your Beta.MN 2.0 Startups



Beta.MN-LogoBetaMN 2.0 is going down on May 14th at Surly’s new headquarters in Minneapolis.  A total of 275 tickets sold out (waitlist) quickly this week “the best of what’s next” in Twin Cities tech.

Below are a list of the startups appearing at the third incarnation of Beta.MN:

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 8.45.50 AM

From the creators of, StickyApps is a new way for photographers to make money. We are empowering photographers with a training and technology platform they can use to create and sell mobile websites to small businesses.

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At the The Patchery parents and kids design their own clothes. Then our makers handcraft the products, one at a time, with a specific child in mind. We aren’t turning back the clock, but we are recovering something essential from a time long past.

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CompassHx is a user-friendly data discovery tool that draws on over a dozen analytics sources, including exclusive claims data, to create maps and visualizations that help you navigate your market’s health care data.

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What you have to do gets into your calendar and automatically updates wirth Red Current: Schools, churches, teams, clubs, fitness schedules, classes, tickets, carpools, garbage collection…you name it.

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Yoyo CRM is a mobile app designed for independent hair stylists, colorists or barbers who want a more efficient, cost-effective, digital system to manage their client information. Yoyo is intuitive and creative – seamlessly capturing the details so that business owners can focus on client relationships.

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Kelvin Sense from Sense AI dramatically extends the environmental sensing capabilities of mobile and wearable devices, and is the only platform enables the precise measurement of the immediate surroundings of a mobile device user.

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ilos Videos is the fastest way to train anyone. In just a matter of clicks you can create, share, and manage training for your team or organization, in half the time.

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PurchaseBox allows you to organize your shopping life using an alias, “retail email” account. It enables better communication between retailers and consumers while making receipts more interactive.

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Learn to Live provides high-fidelity, internet-delivered therapy programs to address psychological problems such as depression, stress and social anxiety. Members access programs anonymously, either directly or through their employers, health insurance companies and health care providers.

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Kindly Coffee provides full-service office coffee services to help your office run smoothly and enhance your company culture. Responsibly sourced and craft roasted in Minnesota, we make it really easy to serve excellent tasting coffee that your teammates will love.


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