Video: Minnebar Piranha Pool 2 Pitches



Startup attorney Jeffrey Robbins hosted ‘Piranha Pool 2’ at Minnebar last weekend — a take on the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” Three Minnesota tech startups — iCrime Fighter [At-Scene], BoomBoomPrints & PurchaseBox — pitched investors in front of a live audience for feedback and potential investment.  As far as is known, no deals were made (again).

iCrime Fighter / At-Scene




  • Jeff Pesek

    Didn’t have the chance to see these until now…props to these entrepreneurs for getting up on stage and putting it out there! Some quick takeaways:

    iCrimeFighter was started by domain experts and CEO has previous
    startup experience. Charges $144/year per user with 800,000+ potential
    end users nationwide, although current target market is closer to
    576,000, or up to $82m annual recurring revenue. Paying customers, an
    established marketing program through Verizon, and forthcoming API
    channel with Zuercher. Offering $500k convertible debt note with $3.75m
    cap and $200k committed.

    BoomBoomPrints sees 40% margins and has actual revenues. CEO has been through it before (exit 2/14 – ) All current employees have stock options; perhaps the only MN tech startup funded by FG Angels ( )? Offer was unclear but ~$5m valuation.

    PurchaseBox has two retail exec investors/advisors: Rick Atherton ( ) & Sharon Sard (sp?)
    CEO has concurrent startup experience. Offered 7.5% for $50k.

    Beyond the entertainment value & learning opportunity, it will be interesting to see if this experience leads to actual investment activity. The closest was Barb Stinnett verbally committing to iCrimeFighter. Stay tuned…