PurchaseBox Selected To Pitch At Collision Conf In Vegas


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MINNEAPOLISApr. 13, 2015 — Minneapolis-based startup, PurchaseBox, has been selected to participate at Collision this coming May in Las Vegas. Collision, a two-day long conference boasting 10,000 attendees from around the world, is a meeting place for people who are both building the companies of tomorrow and managing the companies of today. It’s a gathering of the foremost tech startups in one place to network and meet with high-profile investors.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for us,” says Parag Shah, CEO and founder of PurchaseBox. “We just launched in January and are already seeing great traction, such as being selected to be a part of a big conference like Collision. We’re looking forward to showcasing our product to the tech industry’s biggest influencers and investors who are said to be looking for the next Google or Facebook.”

This is the second year Collision is hosting its conference in the United States. Its sister conference, Web Summit, is four years old and held in Dublin every year. It is also debuting a similar conference this year in Hong Kong. Founder’s Fund, Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, Google Ventures, and Goldman Sachs are amongst the large investment groups attending the conference. Notable individuals include founders of tech company greats, including Twitter, Netflix, Dropbox, Skype, Zappos, and PayPal, amongst many others.

More than 15,000 startups applied to be a part of Collision 2015, out of which 800 startups were selected. PurchaseBox, a free mobile app for consumers, was one of them. The app organizes all retail activities – including digital receipts, physical receipts, retail offers, tickets, and statements – in one simple, secure place and removes it from your personal inbox.

“We can all relate to the constant stream of digital receipts and email offers flowing through our personal inboxes, not to mention the pile of paper receipts after a shopping trip,” says Shah. “This is what inspired PurchaseBox, which we created to alleviate this frustration and make the process even better.”

PurchaseBox provides each user with his/her own personal @purchasebox.com email account upon registration. Users then use this email while they shop either online or in-store, no matter the type of merchant. This is what enables all retail purchases, offers, and other messages to be sent to their PurchaseBox app, which automatically categorizes and segments the message coming in from retailers into the right boxes of the app to keep messages organized and streamlined. Users receive push notifications when a receipt has been added, and are able to engage with offers directly through the app.

Not all merchants use digital receipts, but that doesn’t stop PurchaseBox from storing that information. When a merchant provides a paper receipt, users can manually upload that receipt by taking a picture of it and adding some basic information. This receipt is then stored within their account rather than in their wallet.

As for returns, there’s a solution for that, too. “Retail is going more digital, and many retailers are accepting returns with e-receipts,” says Whitney Johnson, the director of marketing at PurchaseBox. “We took this a step further with our technology to make returns and reading receipt information even simpler. Our technology de-codes the original e-receipt and displays only the must-have information, including SKU-level detail of each item that’s purchased, the price, and the receipt barcode. When making a return, a user simply pulls up the purchase in his/her app and the retailer can very quickly scan the barcode to complete that return. If there are any issues, the user can still pull up the original e-receipt that was sent to his/her account.”

PurchaseBox is currently operating in an invitation-only model. Users can either request an invitation on the PurchaseBox website, or they can be invited by a current PurchaseBox user – each user gets up to three invitations to send to friends.

About PurchaseBox
PurchaseBox alleviates the frustration of a bombarded inbox from retail activities. It’s a free consumer app that gets your retail receipts, offers, and other messages out of your personal inbox and into one organized, secure app. PurchaseBox is a secure application where users’ data is always protected using industry-standard safeguards. Learn more about PurchaseBox at www.purchasebox.com.


  • http://www.playtabase.com Al Baker

    Congrats, Parag! Both Collision and Web Summit are great events to stand out at. Good luck and feel free to stop by our booth while you’re there!