Beta Byte: Panel




Beta Byte is a series underwritten by Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq for that early stage tech found somewhere between idea and traction.

What is the name of the company / product?


What problem does it solve?

There is an unprecedented amount of work and career-related matters, questions, topics, etc., that professionals at all levels, do not / will not discuss over public social networks, or even in person for that matter.

Panel enables you to engage any super-targeted professional audience of choice, via one-to-many communication in a private and unique messaging format. As privacy is a wildly growing concern, all user profile info in the app is limited to a person’s Title, Department, and Industry.


What is the full launch / release date planned?

We’re currently in closed beta, with a limited number of invites (1,000) permitted to give out (per Apple’s guidelines). App Store submission will follow shortly. Invites can be requested directly from our website,

Who is on the team?

Brandon Ward  ·  Mike Navarro  ·  Sarah Lutz

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies used?

Panel is an iOS app, that utilizes cloud technology and scalable NOSQL databases. Our technology stack is designed to grow as the platform does.

What is the size of your market? 

Quite large. This is a consumer app, for an enterprise demographic.

What is your revenue model?

Undefined. We are focused on growth, and making sense of data.

What is your greatest strength?

Our team: we are small, agile, and motivated, with deep and complimentary domain experience.

What is your biggest weakness?

Cheese croissants, (just kidding). Because we’re a scrappy, bootstrapped company, and our team is small and semi-distributed – we’ve had to pick our battles and prioritize every step of the way. This seeming weakness in size has proven to be an asset – figuring out how to do more, with less of everything.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

Extraordinary, creative people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. This company and product was borne entirely out of our own professional frustrations. More than anything, we needed this “thing” to exist in the world, to solve our own challenges. Our goal now is to grow, and provide as much value as we possibly can to professionals everywhere.