Big Data Startup Centriam Is Minneapolis’ Little Secret


CentriamDating mining and analytics startup Centriam is young, hungry and profitable.

Formed in August 2012 by Jakub Jez and Greg Gonsior, the bootstrapped venture is nestled off Washington Ave where a team of data scientists and software developers are heads down cranking out code.

Their goal, according to Jez, is to refine and expand their software as a service to the point where it outsmarts them.

Centriam provides marketers and merchandisers with tools and insights to make sense of their terabytes, sometimes petabytes of data.  It combines clickstream mobile and web activity with CRM, location, demographic and market research — to pinpoint profiles of consumer behavior patters.

“We take all the data and put it into a big bucket to see what shakes out,” Jez says, oversimpliflying the process.


“Our customers seek better answers to their most pressing questions.”

He explains how they had paying customers out the gate, thanks to some established relationships he brought to the table on day one.  Targeting large enterprises around the $500m+ revenue mark, Centriam counts 7-10 currently, including several Minnesota-based corporations.   Retail, healthcare, travel & hospitality are considered to be their three main verticals for growth.

“We’re a small shop that can compete with many larger name brands — IBM, Accenture, Teradata, etc,” Jez says. “It’s very exciting space these days and now people are coming to us based on our reputation.”