Thank You Sponsor: Secured2

by The TECHdotMN Team

Secured2It is important to recognize those who financially sponsor TECHdotMN because their contribution helps to advance Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank You Secured2 for reinvesting!

What does Secured2 do and why?

Secured² is a software company that has developed a ground breaking new approach to data security. This new solution goes beyond traditional encryption and provides an end-to-end solution that protects data against any known threat. The motivation behind Secured² is very simple. Our countries prosperity and security depends on being able to secure data. Right now we are losing the battle and Secured²’s offers a proven solution that is vetted, tested and in market.

When did it start and where are you based?

Secured² is a Minneapolis based company that started in 2013.

What is something unique about your company?

We started as an entertainment company [CRAM Worldwide] that solved the data piracy problem and we shifted focus to solve the global data security epidemic.

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

We sponsor TECHdotMN because of the tremendous impact they have on the technology and startup community in Minnesota. They are the voice of the hard working entrepreneurs that risk everything, work tireless hours and truly put everything on the line to follow a dream. Without the platform TECHdotMN has worked so hard to provide, it’s possible that the community that finally is taking root here will collapse. Companies need the voice of TECHdotMN to tell our stories, launch our products and infect the world with our ideas.

How could Minnesota’s tech industry be better from your perspective?

What the Minnesota tech industry needs right now is the three M’s: (1) Money (2) Mentorship (3) Materialization.

Without money startups cannot start and right now there is a huge drought funding Minnesota’s startups. It’s getting better but it’s still anemic at best. It’s sad when one company can raise $17 million in Minnesota because of a marquee CEO yet nobody is willing to spend $100K for a great startup that just needs some seed money to show proof of concept. We need better financial coordination here and more incentives for investors to take the risks on startups. The tax credit was a step in the right direction but not enough.

We need more successful entrepreneurs to mentor some of our young up n’ coming CEO’s. The power of experience, combined with showing some of the bright minds how to play the game is so important. We see schools like the University of St. Thomas working very hard at mentorship and it’s paying huge dividends for the students. We can do the same for our great first time entrepreneurs

Lastly, we need the materialization of exit events. Without exit events money can’t circulate and incubate the next round of deals. So we really need to develop an ecosystem where some of the big companies in town pick up the little guys so more cash can get put back into the system. Silicon Valley proves this model works and since Minnesota is a better place to startup a business than silicon valley we can easily have the same results here. It just takes coordination, willing mentors and companies willing to look to Minnesota first before doing acquisitions.