Minneapolis Edutech Startup InvolvEdu Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign


InvolvEduMinneapolis edutech startup InvolvEdu launched a $10k crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this week.

InvolvEdu aims to be a tool for extracurricular groups and administrators that allows students to get credit for what they do outside of class.


“Besides just taking a student’s word for it, there’s no real way for a school or potential employer to know for sure whether or not a student actually attended Computer Science club, for instance. InvolvEdu not only makes it easier for students to find these activities, but it also tracks, and validates, their involvement in them.”

A one time Beta Byte feature and 2014 Minnesota Cup finalist, InvolvEdu founder Joe Janiszewski has a goal of expediting the product development with this campaign.

“We’re targeting this campaign to students and student groups,” he says. “If we hit the goal then we’ll be able to build it out over the summer and be there when the fall 2015 semester arrives.”


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