San Fran Startup Rdio Setting Up Experimental Lab In Minneapolis


rdio-logoSan Francisco streaming music startup Rdio is opening ‘Rdio Labs’ in Minneapolis, according to director Jason Russell.

“We’re focused on experimentation and new ideas that complement our core product experience, leveraging our API and SDKs,” he explains around the labs intentions.

“Minnesota is appealing to us because there’s a growing talent pool here. A city with rich musical heritage, a thriving creative community and plenty of talented engineers,” Russell says about why Minnesota.


Together with a designer and a mobile engineer, Russell is camped out at CoCo in Uptown until a select space opens next month in Northeast Minneapolis that will ultimately accommodate more people.

He declined to say just how little or large the lab will ultimately be, but it’s likely they’ll be hiring more engineers over the course of the next year.

Rdio was started in 2009 by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström (Skype founders), and has raised over $125m in funding, per Crunchbase.

“We’re at the forefront of driving innovation in the music space, this is one more example of many ways we are pushing forward,” Russell said.


  • crueber

    Nice. Welcome to town, rdio!

  • Al Baker

    Love this service!

  • lumpy

    Did this really happen? There are no job listings for Minneapolis on .

    • Jeff Pesek


      maybe they filled the spots or maybe they aren’t advertising them? Or maybe it’s really a promotional conspiracy designed to get you to download the rdio app?

      We go off what the primary source says…so at that point it’s between their word and you as the consumer of what they are saying.

      • lumpy

        i was just curious. I’ve worked at three online music startups in SF and NYC. a lot of times things are announced a prematurely. or a remote ‘office’ really is just one guy working from home. I’ve been an RDIO user since the beginning and from what I know they aren’t doing very well as a business… they’ve lost all the original engineers, the founders have left, etc. its a tough business and RDIO’s exit plan was taken by Beats.

        contrast their local announcement with buzzfeed who already hired 30 people, had open houses, TV crews in the office, sponsored meetups, etc.

    • jamruss

      Hey lumpy, yes, we’re really here :-). We’re a small team of three to start out (roles are filled), but expect to grow the team over the course of the next year once we settle in. We’re at CoCo now but moving into space at Highlight Center in NE later this summer.