MN Startup Zivix Just Banked Over $800 Grand On Kickstarter

ZivixMinneapolis music hardware + software startup Zivix has surpassed its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal by a wide margin, closing in last night at $813k from 2,991 backers.

Zivix set out for a minimum of $50k which occured merely four hours after launching in late March on a 42 day campaign term.

The funds are for Jamstik+, a MIDI portable guitar that teaches people how to play music and connects wirelessly to mobile devices to use anywhere.   Zivix has raised over $8m-$10m to date, from previous crowdfunding success, angel investors and series A capital ($5m).


As part if this campaign Zivix is also donating over 180 Jamstik+ products to music schools and therapy nonprofits. This is the second largest Minnesota tech crowdfunding campaign to date, behind that of SmartThings $1.2m in Sept. 2012.