Startup Weekend Youth Twin Cities Is Coming to Minnesota

Categories Weekend Youth Twin Cities is coming to Minnesota on June 10-12 for a state and regional first.

The 3-day event (actually Wednesday—Friday after summer break begins) is for any junior or senior high school student and is being hosted by the Vantage program at Minnetonka Public Schools.

The format is consistent with the formula that’s proven to work thousands of time before: create, launch, repeat. Startup Weekends’ immersive experience is about executing on an idea in a short period of time.

Startup Weekend Youth Twin Cities organizing team includes: Kristin Daniels, Seijen Takamura, Nicolas Styles and Steve Wellvang—as well as Eric Schneider, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at Minnetonka Public Schools.

“It was inspired by our experience in organizing the initial Startup Weekend EDU,” Wellvang says, “Kristin and I really see this as a follow-on of that success in Minnesota. It was fortuitious that Seijen and Nicolas had also expressed interest in supporting.”

The organizers are expecting that 60 students will form 10-12 teams with 20-30 different coaches/mentors available throughout the experience.  Overall, it’s about a 100 person operation they are targeting for the v1 launch.

“Why not start at this criticial juncture point, to expose the mind to entrepreneurship at such a pivotal time for these individuals,” Wellvang says about the motivation and intented impact.

Startup Weekend Youth Twin Cities is open to more sponsors and mentors who would like to reinvest time, money and/or energy.

“We hope this is the first of many to come,” Wellvang exclaims.

Considering how rare it is for concepts of entrepreneurship and startups to enter the stream of consciousness in students, teachers, and parents at this age — we do too.  What kind of impact could we see in Minnesota if every school in the state held an annual Startup Weekend for their students?