Target stores to introduce dedicated smart-home sections


By Megan Wollerton, CNET

“Starting May 26, 1,800 Target stores will start stocking smart-home products in their all-new Connected Life sections. Icontrol Networks first tipped us off that its $199 Piper Classic all-in-one security system will be heading to Target shelves soon as part of this initial launch. A Target spokesperson later confirmed the roll-out via separate email.”

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  • Al Baker

    It’s a good move for home goods and home improvement retailers to be in this space. I expect the sales will still be slow until there is a better DIY and 3rd party installation model for all of these devices. The user experience still lacks and consumers are confused by which ones are worth investing in, so retailers need to broadcast that most of these systems are becoming widely compatible with each other through systems like Logitech Harmony and SmartThings.