$6 Million & Counting: The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge


https://tech.mn/files/2013/01/Overnight-Website-Challenge-300x237.jpg150 technically capable conjugated at the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus earlier ths month for a 24 hour competition of good known as The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge.

They were joined by another 50 who represented the 14 nonprofits selected for a site makeover at this years annual charity hackathon.

Meanwhile, similar scenarios were playing out in Chicago and Kansas City — home to The Nerdery’s sister offices.  While those locations lack the roots laid here in Bloomington eight years ago, they already account for 6 of the 14 Website Challenge’s held to date.

The Nerdery estimates that event participants who sacrifice a weekend of their time to collectively donate skills and services for nonprofits in need have accumulated the equivalent of over $6m in average billable hours.

“That’s a convervative figure,” Communications Director Mark Malmberg says. “If you do the math on just 2015, that would be a million alone, not counting everything before that.” He explains that the experience has assisted some 175+ nonprofits over the years involving an estimated 1,000 unique volunteers.

“We believe in having local impact in the communities that our nerds live in,” he says of the motivations.

“First and foremost, that’s why we do it, and that’s why it works.”  This pay it forward approach that has also landed the company plenty of marketing, hiring, and client gains, Malmberg says in noting “It’s been good for us on many levels.”

Expect that figure to grow more over the coming years, including a launch in Phoenix next year, while also exploring means of creating more ongoing relationships between the teams, the scope of services with the intention of increasing the engagement with the organizations served.

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