Mayo & Invenshure Pharmacogenomics Startup Is Raising $5m



oneomelogoMinneapolis startup OneOme is seeking $5m with just over a million counted, according to SEC disclosure filing.

OneOme is a collaborative concern between the business builder/ tech incubator Invenshure and the Mayo Clinic that launched last September.

Pharmacogenomics combines the science of drugs with genomics data to more accurately match medication to dna.  When done effectively, this increases prescription efficacy through personalized recommendation instead of the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

CarlsonCommercialMayo claims a world class lab and the most comprehensive prescription database in existense; for Invenshure’s part, a proprietary algorithm with various tech tools aim to help make complexities useful to doctors and patients.

As Mayo sides with the savvy of Invenshure in wide open field, OneOme is at the a nexus of research and commercialization.


  • Jeff Pesek

    ~$3m raise as of 7/30