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logoBeta Byte is a series underwritten by Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq for that early stage tech found somewhere between idea and traction.

What is the name of the company and/or product? Where is it found online?

The name of the company is Revamp Consulting. Our web-based Sales CRM and Sales Pipeline Management Software is online at:

What problem does this solve?

The idea for RevampCRM came to us when we noticed the lack of enterprise-scale intuitive SaaS business tools and other solutions that are geared towards small businesses and startups. Current SaaS offerings addressing these needs are scattered with very poor integration.

This costs small business time, effort and money to keep their tools in sync, and leaves businesses with lost deals, unsatisfied employees, and poor financial management. Revamp Consulting is building a well-connected and integrated suite of business tools to effectively manage customer relations, market products, streamline sales and business operations, and manage supply chain and human resources.

What is the full launch/release date planned?

RevampCRM was launched in April 2015. We continue to add additional features and intuitive sales reports. One of our key initiatives is integration with existing contact management, email marketing, helpdesk, invoicing, cloud storage, website forms, and calendar management platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Freshdesk, SupportBee, Dropbox, and MailChimp.


Who is on the team?

Revamp Consulting was founded in 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Ahmed Sorour and Sameh Meligy.

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies is used? Is there any IP?

RevampCRM’s design and architecture started in November 2014. Built for the Third Platform, RevampCRM comes with a state-of-the-art architecture and design where scalability, usability, and integration are the core development strategy.

What is the size/scope of your market and how will you scale?

RevampCRM is built for small businesses and entrepreneurs. RevampCRM is also well-suited for enterprises. We offer single isolated instants for clients who may want to host the solution on their internal or private cloud.

As for scalability, RevampCRM is architected and built for the cloud and can host millions of users without the need for any re-architecture. RevampCRM is also built in a way that makes it easy to support multi-language. This will allow us to reach customers beyond countries where English is the predominant language. We’ve started scaling within the market we know the most, the US and Canada.

What is your revenue model?

Paid membership is the main revenue stream. Customer-specific customization, consulting, and associated services serve as secondary revenue makers.

What is your greatest strength?

As a team, Experience and Agility are our greatest strengths. We are agile experts with well-diversified technical and prior startup experience. We strongly believe in privacy. Our clear-cut definition of who owns the data is a key differentiator and competitive advantage. Some competitors monetize their customers’ data by offering, for example, marketing services to supplement lead information to other customers. We believe each customer owns his/her data. Customers can export any/all of their data, at any time. Derived from these two core values comes our promise to RevampCRM customers that their data will not be used to supplement other customers’ leads.

What is your biggest weakness?

As most entrepreneurs and investors would argue, the main challenge we face is to avoid the likely and inevitable growing pains. As the team grows, I think team synergy will be our main concern and focus. We trust that our deep industry experience will help us navigate through these hurdles as it has in the past. However, we always seek advice from strategists and SMEs to stay on top of the ever-changing tech world.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

An additional funding mechanism would be useful. Even though Revamp Consulting has been self sufficient to this point, extra funds would help us reach more prospective customers in the Americas, and world-wide.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to thank you very much for this opportunity. We are extremely excited and proud of the strong steps we have taken towards our dream of having a well-rounded, intuitive, and enterprise-scale suite of business solutions.


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