Angels Drive $250k Into Mobile Adtech Startup Viewswagen adtech startup Viewsagen has momentum.

On Monday they were selected as one of ten Minnesota Cup semifinalists and today announce $250k in seed funding.

Co founder & CSO James Bellefeuille says the money comes from a group of angel investors including: David Schottenstein (founder of Viewabill and Astor & Black), Zalmi Duchman (founder of The Fresh Diet) and Ben Nash (founder of PCS Wireless).

He’ll use the funds to expand the advertising network for retailers, mobile commerce and CPG brands as part of Viewswagon’s ‘TripIntent’ technology. This essentially targets rideshare passengers (think Uber, Sidecar & Lyft) based on certain factors, including their destination and time of day.


Drivers can download the Vugo Android or iOS app (pending) and tap the network using their own device(s) to earn extra cash while driving. $3/hr or $6k per year on average so far based on the company’s 1,400 or so initial users across the country.

Viewswagon is leveraging technology and betting the trend of independent drivers will topple the taxi industry, which has been doing basic in-car advertising for years now.  Bellefeuille estimates there are some 80 billion potential impressions up for grabs, and that’s just the beginning.

“Our long term goal is to be a worldwide network…that starts with the ridesharing market and will extend into self-driving vehicles,” he asserts.


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