Why BuzzFeed chose Northeast


By Holly Dolezalek, Finance & Commerce

“The Broadway building is typical of the Minneapolis Northeast neighborhood. Formerly the home of Land O’ Nod Mattress Co. and later the Twin Cities Paper Co., the building was renovated and carved into office space in 2012. Now it’s the new home for the Minneapolis office of BuzzFeed.”

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  • lumpy

    Its cool BuzzFeed is there but If they add 20 more people they won’t have anywhere to park.

    Ever since the yoga place and gym opened up there hasn’t been enough parking for the building. There isn’t any street parking nearby, either. Unfortunately it is also not a great location for bike commuters or even people who ride the bus.

    • natronic

      Um… what? There is tons of street parking within walking distance. And it’s right on Broadway and Central, both of which have multiple bus lines. And the bike racks are packed. Are we talking about the same building? :)

      • lumpy

        No there is not, unless we have much different definitions of ‘walking distance.’