MN Startup Camp Native Wants To Be Your Gateway To The Outdoors


Camp NativeWhen serial entrepreneur David Woodbury was seeking a more scalable business than his previous endeavor, he combined his passion with problem and landed on Camp Native.

The emerging Minnesota startup is out to become the de facto destination for campers around the world.

Conceived in January, the venture has already seasoned two accelerators — Elmspring in Chicago + 9Mile Labs in Seattle — and was most recently selected as a Minnesota Cup semifinalist in the High Tech division.

“Only 13% of Americans camp,” Woodbury says. “Alot of people love to get out, but there’s such a barrier to it.”

His market research suggest in the US some 40m campers spend $10 billion annually on some 200m reservations — including the RV crowd.  Of that, Camp Native is launching next month for the private campground segment of the US, of which there’s 20,000 properties.

“Only 65% of private campgrounds actually have a website in the first place, virtually none are mobile friend only 23% allow for an online reservation. They are hard to find and hard to book,” he says.  “That’s a the most acute problem and where we’re starting.”

Camp Native has created a user friendly page for each of these campgrounds, including an integrated reservation system, with future features including collaboration and social discovery tools. Going into beta next month, Woodbury & co. have raised $500k raised of a $750k round and ultimately intend to start monetization with a transaction fee per reservation.

Woodbury is joined by cofounders Brian Martell (CMO) and Chris Rimple (CTO) with Mitchell Hymowitz as CFO.

“Camping is the gateway to the outdoors,” Woodbury says. “Our big vision is to make camping more accessible and by doing so we’ll expose people to the gambit of such activities.”


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