Minneapolis Startup Panel Out Of Beta With Full iOS App Launch

Minneapolis startup Panel has released its first mobile app on iOS this week, according to cofounder Brandon Ward.

Featured on ‘Beta Byte’ back in April, Panel allows professionals to discreetly query and share with one another based on industry, title and department.  The semi-private content-based tool is designed to cut through the noise and self-censorship of traditional social channels.


“It’s about connecting with peers in a private environment to for relevant and candid conversations across geographies and among departments,” Ward says. “Panel was conceived and created in response to a real challenge our team has faced before within the enterprise.”

The launch comes after acquiring a few hundred early beta adopters in roles like business development, sales and executive assistants.

“We’ve been receiving feedback and slowly testing our hypothesis that there is a need for Panel. Our beta users provided a lot of social validation.”

The iOS app is currently free, the company is bootstrapped, and Ward anticipates going into the Android market once the “iOS experience has been optimized.”



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