Accel.MN To Host Free Startup Training



Accel.MN is a new series of educational events for aspiring and emerging tech entrepreneurs in Minnesota.

The free 4-week program “Is all about getting the foundation right,” says driver Matt Otterstatter.

“There is an educational gap among first time entrepreneurs,” he adds.  “I like to think of this expriment as a pre-accelerator.”

Otterstatter is a partner with Vilicus Ventures, a firm that is currently focused on follow-on within existing porfolios.  He’s on a mission is to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Minnesota by improving the collective education of early-stage entrepreneurs and promoting a positive startup culture.

Otterstatter said the programming will include input from “experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and community leaders,” and is planning to occur at  Startup Venture Loft.

The application deadline is 8/5 as the first session starts on 8/12, described as “Innovation Culture.”


  • Zach Robins

    A much needed service – really excited to see Matt embark on this endeavor!