App Data Room Crosses The Chasm & Sets Up Shop In Minneapolis

Blossoming B2B startup App Data Room has moved headquarters across the river — from St. Paul to Minneapolis’ Prospect Park neighborhood.

The namesake product is a device agnostic sales enablment tool that helps businesses build, manage and distribute presentation and marketing content to sales teams in a simple, dependable manner, whether online or off.

App Data Room was a spinoff from thisCLICKS, the predecessor to When I Work, and began walking on its own last year with new CEO Orrin Broberg at the helm.  Since then, the venture is said to have acquired around 100 customers, including AT&T Mobility, St. Jude Medical and Caterpillar.  Broberg counts some 40,000 active users globally at this point.

The venture which “almost went away” at one point now has 10 full time employees with room for more in Minneapolis.


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