St. Paul City Employees’ Emails Will Be Deleted Sooner



By Frederick Melo, Pioneer Press

“Public watchdogs are raising questions about the transparency of a new St. Paul policy that deletes most city employee emails after six months.  In addition to the six-month policy, St. Paul employees have been notified that emails they move to “junk” or “trash” folders will disappear in two weeks.

“Don’t save messages that are no longer useful,” a new employee training manual states. “Delete as soon as their purpose is served. … Keep what you need to do your work.” The new records retention policy takes effect Aug. 1.”

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  • byebye

    ….yet another reason NOT to live in St. Paul

  • Jeff Pesek

    “The key is knowing what is an official message.”

    The City of St. Paul works for the citizens of St. Paul and all their communications are officially public record until proven otherwise.