Big Data Genomics Startup OneOme Quietly Raises More Cash

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.03.11 AMOneOme, the product of a partnership between the Mayo Clinic & Invenshure, continues to raise early stage capital for their prescription medicine efficiency platform.

“OneOme analyzes patient DNA via the most complex multi-gene algorithm in the marketplace. Working with physicians and health care providers, we minimize errors and failures and advance efficacy and safety. Applied across the majority of pharmaceutical medicine, the result is an actionable, at-a-glance prescription recommendation report that is absolutely personalized to each patient. The next level of pharmaceutical efficiency and safety is here. “

After launching late last year, the startup revealed plans to raise up to $5m in early stage capital this May with roughly a million claimed at the time. Invenshure CFO Mark Sylvester says that updated figure closer to $3m with an “expectation that this round will be closed within the next few months.”

“Our focus has been pulled in various directions lately,” added OneOme CEO Troy Kopischke says, referring to peer portfolio startup Exosite, which received a large undisclosed strategic investment from Parker Hannifin just last month.