How MinneAnalytics Reinvests


MinneAnalyticsAs the attraction of MinneAnalytics big data conferences continues to swell, so does the potential for reinvestment.

Since launching their first notable event in 2012, the appetite for all things analytics has consistently grown year over year. Last week, the group drew 722 attendees at Farcon (financial and retail), up from around 600 previously — with even more room available at Halicon (Healthcare Analytics Lean In Conference) slated for October 23rd at Optum.

Mary NelsonWith that demand, the group has looked for ways to give back instead of falling into the trap of becoming a bloated nonprofit.

Mary Nelson was the first benificiary of a $5k scholarship, one of two currently committed to fulfilling. The UMD student is interning at Maurices in Duluth and plans to graduate later this year in statistics and actuarial science with an emphasis on retail analytics.

“We tend to oversubscribe on sponsorships and if we continue bringing in more revenue than we can prudently spend, then we’ll continue to reinvest like this.” MinneAnalytics cofounder Dan Atkins says, noting that additional avenues for supporting the next generation of analytics stars is an ongoing concern.

“Hopefully we can get into a position to do more meaningful work. We want to elevante analytics to a terminal degree in Minnesota and that starts at the high school level.”


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