AstroHQ, LearnToLive, CivicEagle Are 2015 MN Cup Tech Victors


The largest statewide new venture competition has announced division winners of the 2015 Minnesota Cup. From an original pool of 1,300 applicants, the teams have been narrowed down throughout the summer in sequential rounds.

The review board has now selected one winner from each division, receiving $30,000 in seed capital each. Of the seven divisions, three are topped by tech-based ventures, including: HQ (High Tech Division) – Astropad turns the iPad into a graphics tablet and get the best of Photoshop + Apple. To Live (Life Science Division) – an online social anxiety treatment program based on the proven principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. Eagle (Student) – The social networking app that helps you learn, connect and engage with the policy issues that impact you.



From here, each respective division winner will be competing for an additional $50,000 in seed capital at the grand prize ceremony on September 9th.