Health Rising Conference Launches In Minnesota


Health Rising Logo TransA new conference for healthtech startups and those who care about them is launching next month in Minnesota.

Health Rising is on Tuesday, September 29 at Worrell Design headquarters in Northeast Minneapolis.

“Minnesota has reached a tipping point in the B2B health IT cluster, it’s undeniably part of the DNA here,” says conference founder Casey Allen.

The 9-5 format includes seven 45 minute sessions, led by a myriad of well qualified experienced entrepreneurs:

“The string of successes here is setting in motion an enormous amount of entrepreneurial firepower from Minnesota,” Allen adds.  “We’ll focus in on how these founders grew from zero revenue to $1m, from $1m to $10m, and on up from there.”

Early bird pricing is good through Sept. 2 + discount code “techmnlove” unlocks further savings.


  • Casey Allen

    I’m Casey, the conference’s creator.

    I’m pulling this together because I think that startups have become far too sexy and not enough people hear how hard the journey really is. I’m also focusing on health because I genuinely believe the data will support the TC undeniably being top 10 in the world in health IT (from the enterprise side, not the consumer side) in coming years.

    The stories will be about personal pain, fundraising tactics, war stories of recruiting, and false starts. Each speaker will be raw and hyper actionable. I think entrepreneurs and the people with an inner-entrepreneurial spirit are in for a rare and valuable day.

    Just to play some Jedi mind tricks, one speaker will talk about how he raised too much VC $ for his current or last startup, and another one will share how he thinks startups should raise as much as possible as fast as possible.

    Any guesses on who felt like they raised too much? Free ticket to whomever guesses right by EOD Sep 1.

    Hope to see you there. Don’t forget to use the techmnlove code for a discount. They’re a mighty fine media sponsor and this is their gift to you.

    • Frank Jaskulke


      Thank you for putting this together! Looks like a great event, I’ll send the weblink our to our health IT members.