St. Paul Startup Sense AI Raises $420k, Gets Strategic With Earth Networks


Kelvin SenseSt. Paul startup Sense AI has raised $420k according to a recent set of SEC disclosures.

The company is the parent of Kelvin Sense, software used in mobile devices to measure ambient states such as temperature, altitude and pressure without the need for additional hardware.

The Android App has been live for 10 months, with an iOS in beta, and a fresh SDK release for developers and manufacturers to integrate with their own applications.  Founder and CEO Ben Jordan says the proprietary product has evolved from a simple temperature sensor into a suite of measurements calibrated across any device.

Using the accelerometer, gyroscope, and a proprietary temperature algorithm — Kelvin Sense combines with a number of internal system variables such as the device state, battery level and CPU usage — to determine states of pressure, altitude, windspeed, gravity, indoors or outdoors, or where around the user the device is sitting.

“We’re the only company that allows developers to accurately measure these states,” Jordan suggests.


Both the app and the SDK are free to download, although Sense AI does charge one cent per device per month in commercial cases for access to the  Jordan says several developers have integrated the SDK in apps installed on thousands of devices globally.

“We’re making a bunch of measurements that humans take for granted but that until now, a device has not been smart of enough to understand the state of.”

One key relationship formed over the last six months is with Palo Alto-based Cyanogen, specialists in modified operating systems who will provide exposure and distribution through a robust global developer community. Sense has also formed relationships with to be announced hardware manufacturers that offer products in the IoT, wearables and drone industry, according to Jordan.

“Because we have proven the ability to measure certain things that no-one else can, our suite of technology is becoming sought after by these exploding markets,” he explains.

The funds will be used to enhance business development initiatives and “turn users into more revenue,” per Jordan, who says the company is already cashflowing.

Including an early seed round of $220k, $500k angel round previously reported, and now this money — Sense AI has inched over the $1m mark to $1.14m in funding. This capital comes from both insiders and new strategic investor Earth Networks in Maryland, known for the WeatherBug App, who is interested in being more than a just a customer.

“Our goal is to see Kelvin Sense installed on hundreds of millions of devices acround the world,” Jordan concludes.


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