The Scoop On Startup Weekend Twin Cities 7

by The TECHdotMN Team

Startup Weekend Twin Cities 7 — the weekend warrior hackathon for those who make, do and create — is coming together for Sept. 11-13 as a finale to Twin Cities Startup Week.  Here’s all the details:

  • Friday 9/11 at Carlson School of Management, Hanson Hall is where we’ll kick things off at 6pm! Ideas will fly and teams will form organically…some will get to work and some will get to bed, but everyone will be starting out from scratch at this point.
  • Saturday 9/12 at 8:30 AM everyone regroups for breakfast discussion and first speaker Paul Prins, founder & CEO of Freshvine about “Connecting your aspirations and product.”
  • Saturday 9/12 at 12:30pm lunch is served simultaneously with second speaker Nadya Nguyen, the cofounder and CEO of Hidrate, which came up through last years Startup Weekend and since become an ongoing success story.
  • Saturday 9/12 at 6:00pm is dinnertime and more hacking into the evening….errr morning?
  • Sunday 9/13 at 8:30am is replenishment and speaker Dale Cook from Learn To Live on “Knowing your story,” that is, the importance of effective storytelling all the time.
  • Clay Collins’ keynote “Making it happen” will start at 6:00pm sharp on Sunday 9/13 and final demos will follow from 6:30 – 8pm open to the public (with a ticket). There, the following judges will score participants based on short term progress and long term feasibility:

Some awesome volunteers from the community will be in and out to assist throughout the weekend! Drop us a line to setup a time on Saturday 9/12 or Sunday 9/13 to spread some wisdom – if giving back is your jam…

And thank you sponsors!