Astro HQ Wins The 2015 Minnesota Cup Grand Prize


RongeHigh Tech division winner Astro HQ was crowned the overall winner of this years annual Minnesota Cup business competition just moments ago.

This victory rewards them with a total of $80k cash and plenty of deserved recognition within the entrepreneurial community.

Their product, Astropad, turns the iPhone & iPad into robust graphics tablet by interfacting directly with Photoshop using their proprietary LIQUID wireless display technology. Launched this February by former Apple engineers Matt Ronge (above) & Giovanni Donelli, it has since topped 65k downloads.


Ronge says that they will continue to capitalize on their momentum as Apple’s new larger iPad + Pencil comes to market, as announced earlier today.

Their largest competitor is Asian manufacturing company WACOM, with estimated annual product sales in the realm of $300m and an 85% market share.  This represents a lucrative niche ripe for disruption by a stronger performing and lower cost solution with broad appeal to a creative demographic loyal to the Apple experience.

The duo has boostrapped their company so far with the assistance of two full time employees, and say that raising a round of capital may be necessary sooner than later to reach the next level of their potential.


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  • Paul Prins

    Awesome outcome for a great product, and team. Love seeing the High Tech division take the win this year too. Thanks for doing us all proud Matt

  • Chuckumentary