Slice Engine Picks Up $200k Seed Funding For B2B Content Platform

SliceEngineRemember Camera Slice, the mass mobile photo sharing startup that captured our imaginations with their flashy app?

Turns out the team has been heads down over the past year, melding the vision, technology and product-market fit.  With $200k in seed funding from an unnamed angel investor, Camera Slice has rebranded as Slice Engine and pivoted into a B2B platform for curating and publishing user generated content.

The new plan, according to co founder and CEO Matt Pacyga, involves using Slice Engine’s patented SDK for companies to capture, curate and publish millions of unique content while weeding out the noise.  He describes the secret sauce as algorithms that “synchronize and parse content as a whole” behind the scenes.

For example, a large mobile music app could use Slice Engine to capture media, make some sense of it,  and feed it back directly to millions of mobile devices, instead of using a 3rd party platform like Twitter or Instagram.

The venture is now talking to large brands within news, music and events industries — determined to find the best partner for launch.


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