Can’t get your startup funded in Silicon Valley? Think Minnesota


By Terry Collins, CNET

“To the tech entrepreneurs who’ve set up shop on the Silicon Prairie, there’s no better place to be.

Silicon Valley ideas get meshed with Midwestern values, resulting in a low-key and collaborative community of startups in Minnesota that stands in sharp contrast to the in-your-face, cutthroat lifestyle in California.”

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  • Jeff Pesek


  • Kelly Kuhn-Wallace

    What an unfortunate headline! If you’ve worked with any of the VC’s who fund in Minnesota, you’d quickly discover that they’re not handing out funding like lunch money.

    I do appreciate the generous coverage of our burgeoning startup community and recognition of some of the players who have made it thrive.

  • Joe Serrano

    Was this supposed to be published in The Onion?

    Kidding aside, it’s great we got some press. Every little bit helps!