IoT Startup FLUID Launches Kickstarter To Measure Your Water Usage

Minneapolis IoT startup FLUID has launched a $95k Kickstarter campaign for their consumer-friendly smart water meter.

Described as “world’s first learning water meter,” FLUID uses ultrasonic technology to send pulses between two transducers that calculates the amount of water flowing through the pipe.  The purpose is to catch leaks, identify any erratic behavior, and overall increase our consciousness around consumption habits.

“The basic idea is that any homeowner can clamp FLUID on, connect it to WiFi, and immediately monitor their water flow remotely,” says company cofounder Colin Hirdman.  They’ve designed the product in a way that requires zero pluming or tools, it’s literally a plug and play device that’s sure to appeal to those who don’t want to mess with the pipes or pay extra for installation.

FLUID’s “signature” feature is able to learn the baseline cycle of a specific appliance or fixture to determine the normal usage levels and help people understand which sources use what amount of water.

Hirdman says that the preliminary testing has unanimously resulted in decreased water usage and reflected cost savings; the investment can be paid back in a matter of hours in the case of a leak, or a few days on an otherwise running hose or toilet. From there, it’s all upside.

The product has been in the works for over a year now, originally called H2O Pro, although now their taking it directly to consumers as FLUID instead of the commercial real estate customer intially targeted.

If successful, Hirdmans says the funding will be applied to non-recurring engineering, tooling and manufacturing costs. Their plan is to ship with both an Android and iOS app come May, include SmartThings and Nest integation, as well as a REST API for developers.

The team has until October 14th to reach their minimum threshold and the first 250 backers can take advantage of special pricing at $179 per unit, or $209 therafter.


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  • Ron Lancaster

    27 days to go and the team is already at the half way mark!