[Video] Startup Weekend Twin Cities 7 Final Demos

by The TECHdotMN Team


SW_Social_Logo-01Startup Weekend Twin Cities 7 came and went as 9 different teams raced against the clock to gain as much traction as possible over the course of 54 hours. In the end, ZipTrash won, followed by second place RentHque & Endrin for third.

We captured all the final pitches & posted below:


ZipTrash – on demand trash and waste services 24/7/365

[Interview with Jeff Martin]

RentHque – Rental marketplace for outdoor activities.

[Interview with Jeff Martin]

Endrin – Engage. Dream. Inspire.

[Interview with Jeff Martin]

Restarted – A techcrunch for failed startups.

Cloud Box – Personal Cloud.

Learning Tree – the best path from beginner to mastery.

Coder’s Quest – Every concept in CS101 for text adventure games.

Everest Health – A platform for your everyday health.

PlantBuddy – Plant Identification App.

Be Lazy Do Good – Alarm clock that donates $ when you hit “Snooze”