Target To Hire 1,000 IT Workers, Half In Minnesota



By Martin Moylan, MPR News

Target plans to cut back on outsourcing and hire 1,000 information technology workers. The retailer will hire 500 software engineers and other IT workers in Minneapolis and 500 more in India.

Chief Information Officer Mike McNamara told CIO Journal that the company’s reliance on vendors “got to a stage where almost half the team is in third parties. It’s unhealthy.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    from earlier this month: “Target lays off 235 in Twin Cities Tech Operations” –

    • Paul Prins

      yea, this is all kinds of confusing. I’d assume that those 235 were redundant, or from discontinued products? Seems like poor planning for a hiring in a competitive tech space.

      • Aaron Korver

        There is a reorg to a full agile structure. Those let go were more in the analysis roles. More engineering generalists are needed vs narrow focused specialists.

        • Paul Prins

          thanks for the insights Aaron. That makes more sense.