In Minnesota, Healthcare Innovation Is Shifting from Devices To IT



By Lee Schafer, Star Tribune

“Health information technology is gaining ground fast on medical device innovation, and if all goes well in a few years we won’t even much notice the inevitable falloff in medical device start-ups. It’s not so much a story of a new industry that’s coming as it is of one that’s already arrived.”

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  • Frank Jaskulke

    I disagree with the narrative put forward that health IT is in place of medical device in Minnesota. Health IT is in ADDITION to medical device. The investment data ( track and new company formation information shows that device is still going strong and has improved since coming out of the recession.

    Health IT is bringing new entrepreneurs into the startup community along with new investors. Some medical device people are making the switch. And some health IT people are ending up with regulated medical devices.

    • Jeff Pesek

      Hi Frank, what do you mean by “new company formation information” – where is that data and what’s the source?

  • Ken Morris

    Startups such as Twin Cities based knectIQ a One In A Million Cup national semifinalist, are converging IT and Med device for the benefit of healthcare stakeholders such as patients, providers, Med device companies and payers. knectIQ’s patent pending technology securely connects patient information across each of the stakeholder’s data repositories. This secure connection provides for a realtime view of health outcomes at a personalized level as well as across demographic groups.