FLUID Closes $116k Kickstarter Win

FLUID’s Kickstarter campaign launched one month ago has successfully closed today, raising $116,381 from 595 backers — a 122% funding.

The Minneapolis startup is using a combination of hardware + mobile software to provide insights around water usage levels to promote conservation and cost savings.


FLUID’s “signature” feature is able to learn the baseline cycle of a specific appliance or fixture to determine the normal usage levels and help people understand which sources use what amount of water.

The funding will be applied to non-recurring engineering, tooling and manufacturing costs needed to bring it to market for those first backers.  The goal is to ship on both Android and iOS in May with SmartThings and Nest integation, including a REST API for developers.

FLUID is the evolution of a product originally called H2O Pro and is brought to life by team of seven: Colin Hirdman, Nick Velander, Andrew Aarested, Steven White, Josh Becerra, and Zack Steven.


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