Q&A With Techstars New Managing Director Ryan Broshar



Ryan Broshar

Hours after the Techstars + Target Retail Accelerator opened the application window, they followed on with news that Ryan Broshar would become the Managing Director — spearheading the new initiative out of Minneapolis.

A proud midwesterner with entrepreneurial roots, Broshar is known near and far for his activity with Matchstick Ventures, Beta.MN and Twin Cities Startup Week.

We caught up with this community champion to learn more about the next chapter:

What appealed to you about the role?

The big thing with Techstars is they have a proven track record of success surrounding their accelerator programs. Time and time again, they’ve demonstrated an impact on the communities, entrepreneurs, and industry sectors in which they are involved.

How did the relationship form?

I’ve known many of the Techstars people for a number of years now given my history in Boulder, and found those key people at Target who are interested in startups. I helped to connect the two organizations initially, and then got out of the way. Of course, I was surprised and humbled when they eventually asked me to be the Managing Director.

What is your first order of business?

I’m juggling a lot already! Application intake, partnerships, recruiting mentors, and setting things up for success.

What does success look like?

Right now, picking the 10 most awesome startups that both Techstars and Target can help the most.

What do you see as the significance of the accelerator in Minneapolis?

Overall, it’s the arrival of Minneapolis on a global scene and a testament to the momentum that’s happening here.  These are incredible brands that I think will create a butterfly effect for the community.

How much influence will you have on the final selection?

Ultimately, a lot, with the support of a very strong committee.

What advice do you have for a startup applying?

Tell a good personal story, emphasize the team, and be clear about why your company would be beneficial to Target’s business objectives.

What does it mean for Matchstick Ventures going forward?

This will be my main focus now, without question. We’re going to continue to support our portfolio companies and shifting our thesis to include more retail technology startups.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My goal is to see this become the best Techstars corporate accelerator yet!


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