ImmerGen Studios Takes Symbiont VR Social App To Kickstarter



Minneapolis’ ImmerGen Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its virtual reality social media application called symbiont VR. 

Led by Paul Lyrek, the goal is to amass at least $98k in backing over the next 30 days to fulfill the minimum target.  He describes the pending product as “A virtual reality social app combining 360° video and communication tools to share in each other’s experiences.”

Live Broadcast

Symbiont VR wants to open new avenues for content creators seeking next level engagement. By using a recording device with integrated 360 degree camera — ie Sphericam 2 — the broadcaster can capture and transmit via Symbiont software to the observers on the other end donning Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR hardware.

Lyrek also wants to incorporate VOIP into the experience, which manifests as a live chatroom pictured above.  Additionally, the vision involves a fully integrated 360° video advertising network for broadcasters to monetize their efforts. He says there is a strong proof of concept underway and intends to use the funding for the complete development of the product.

While it’s easy to imagine a future full of 360 video and all the possibilities this will bring, one months time will tell if the market is ready now to support a social VR platform like Symbiont.


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