Bust Out Solutions Releases Open Source iOS API Framework Siesta



NE Minneapolis’ app crafter Bust Out Solutions has released an open source product for mobile developers called Siesta.

Made in collaboration with Macalester CS instructor Paul Cantrell, Siesta is an iOS framework that’s designed specifically for those working with RESTful APIs.

“The challenge with APIs is how information can change while making multiple independent calls of certian scope and frequency,” Bust Out CEO Jeff Lin explains.

“Things can get out of sync and there’s a lot of maintenance required, which take time and can affect the application’s performance.”

Siesta is written in Swift and supports apps in both Swift and Objective-C, taking the most common attributes of API related code and abstracting them out into a library so developers don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

“We created Siesta out of our own need on a number of projects, and as it turns out, pretty much every iOS developer we talked to also needs this.   Siesta saves time, simplifies maintenance, and generally makes coding native iOS apps easier.”


You can see code on the left illustrates building a networked UI without Siesta. The code on the right is the same functionality using Siesta.

“Siesta gives you an elegant abstraction that solves problems you actually have, making code simpler and less brittle,” Lin says.

He points to Siesta’s role the new Gravie mobile app as a prime example of how they are eating their own dog food so to speak.

“Our goal with releasing Siesta open source is to help software developers perform better by making it very collaborative and accessible. We’re simply contributing to the same open source community that has helped us over the years,” Lin concludes.