Macalester Student Raises $26k+ On Kickstarter For PTSD App

myBivy has raised $26k+ from 694 backers on Kickstarter – over 20 times the original goal.

Led by 21 year old Macalester senior Tyler Skluzacek, the idea behind myBivy is to pair a wrist sensor such as the Apple Watch, Android Wear, or Pebble with a mobile app to monitor heartbeat and movements in order to track night terrors and prevent them over time.

The idea originally came out of a hackathon in DC, inspired by his father, an Iraq War veteran who suffers from night terrors.  These are visceral experiences in which a person with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) gets little or poor sleep due to recurring troublesome thoughts or emotional triggers.

Skluzacek says that he and his team of 4 (collectively called The Cure) will apply funds to build, test, and distribute myBivy with a target of March 2016.  On top of their successful close yesterday, myBivy was also one of five mobile startups selected to pitch at MobDemo next week.

“Now the real work begins, time to make this a reality,” Skluzacek exclaims over the victory.


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