Sports Software Startup Leaves Chicago For Minneapolis

Player's HealthSports software startup Player’s Health has moved headquarters from Chicago to Minneapolis and setup shop in CoCo Northeast.

Player’s Health is a mobile injury management platform for youth sports that serves as a HIPAA compliant electronic medical record during the early years.

Founder & CEO Tyrre Burks conceived the company in 2012 based on his own firsthand experience as a pro football athlete.  By 2014, the product was on the field of play, while this year has proven rewarding for Burks and his team as they prepare for what’s next. back on the beginnings of his sports career, he thinks about all the injuries sustained that either went completely undocumented or were lost in the shuffle of changing schools, leagues and teams.

“I had my share of injuries back then, and looking back on it, wondered…would I still be playing now if that was handled better?”   Burks would come to realize that he was just a face on the field considering there are nearly 50 million youth athletes in this country today across all sporting activities.

This setoff the entrepreneur in him.
Player’s Health is changing the game with HIPAA compliant software that collects, structures, and manages players data like never before.  The solution is sport agnostic, focused exclusively on the K-12 athlete, and sold in a B2B means to the national governing bodies, school districts, and club organizations.

“It’s the stereotypical paper and pencil situation,” Burks explains of the current process.  “By digitizing it all, we’re making it easier to identify and prevent serious injury, even death, among young athletes in this country.”

Burk senses that Player’s Health is now in the right place at the right time with the right product. Fresh off of the gener8tor program in Wisconsin, they have a $1m+ seed round pocketed and scored a large contract with USA Wrestling in a deal that could reach up to 200,000 athletes alone.

The decision to be in Minneapolis was part personal, part professional, he explains.

“We’ve been getting a lot of support from other entrepreneurs and people in the sports world here, which made the decision easy. Minnesota is great for what we’re doing as a company and for me as a family man.”

There are three employees here now, while five will stay in Chicago and one in Colorado; moving forward, Burks expects that all hires will be sourced locally as the flag becomes cemented.   Needless to say, the prospects are high this emerging Minnesota tech venture going into 2016.


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