Minneapolis’ Exosite Forms ‘IoT Alliance’



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS — Exosite, whose enterprise-grade cloud platform accelerates the time-to-market for IoT solutions, announced the Exosite IoT Alliance, a collaboration of edge devices, communication, business systems and software, and solution providers. The Exosite IoT Alliance is an ecosystem of like-minded companies and technology providers focused on advancing innovation in the digital enterprise and accelerating the overall adoption of IoT.

Founding members of the Exosite IoT Alliance include some of the world’s leading technology companies: Artila, Atmel, Bitwise IO, Digi, exceet Secure Solutions, GainSpan, Microchip Technology, MultiTech, NimbeLink, Powelectrics, Robustel, SMT Engineering, Synapse Wireless, Texas Instruments, The Nerdery, WPI Group, and WT Microelectronics.”