Eden Prairie Startup Shared2You Raises $405k For Mobile Measurement


shared2youlogoEden Prairie startup Shared2You has raised $405k per SEC disclosure and conversation with CEO Brett Bauer.

At a high level, Shared2You is mobile data company focused on the collection, analysis and publishing of 3rd party app usage information.

Bauer describes the overarching approach as ‘cookies for mobile’, noting that “we can easily identify the intent of the mobile user without the need to integrate third party data or collect personally identifiable information.  All data is collected on an opt-in basis.”

Powerslyde, a product of Shared2You, was launched in mid 2013 as a way to draw connections between app users, while  ‘AppScan’ is another product implemented within multiple SDK environments for the collection of data.

“This information provides us with information regarding the influence that one app has on any other,” he explains.  Shared2You packages the data it gathers and applies predictive analytics to provide advertising agencies, marketers and developers with business insights.

By leveraging a relationship with the Mobile Innovation Group at Stanford University, Shared2You is tracking the daily changes of the mobile app economy to offer competitive insights and analysis of apps – at the device level – that transcends traditional demographics.

“If a big mobile app publisher or brand wanted to know more about who their users are, we can tell them,” Bauer asserts.

Their newest product provides the real rate of growth for mobile apps based on user retention (as opposed to downloads) and expands to create a series of indices, for example a ‘Social Networking Index’ or ‘First Person Shooting Game Index’.   “Think of it as the S&P 500 for mobile apps,” he summarizes.

Founded in 2012 by Brett Bauer and Ken Robinson, the venture has 5 others involved and has previously raised ~$1.7m, putting their net capitalization around $2.1m.


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