Eden Prairie Hardware Venture MAX4G Raises Another Million Plus

MAX4GEden Prairie network hardware venture MAX4G has raised another $1m as part of a $3m round that commenced in June.

CEO Vladimir Kelman initiated MAX4G in 2008 after the buyout of a previous company, NextNet Wireless, by Clearwire in 2004 (and again by Motorola in 2006).

MAX4G’s proprietary device provides high performance NLOS links for small cell 4G deployments, increasing data integrity within dense urban environments where operators often lack fiber backhaul to meet increasing demand.

In September of 2013, the venture closed a $2m second round on top of a ~$1.2m prior first round; cumulative capitalization for MAX4G is now estimated to be ~$4.9m.  The company has maintained a relatively low profile, although Kelman opened up in this Q&A last year.


Eden Prairie Hardware Startup MAX4G Raising $3m Round

Q&A with low profile Eden Prairie hardware startup MAX4G

Eden Prairie hardware startup MAX4G closes on $2m+ second round