Target Still Trying To Catch Up After Mistaken Web Strategy



By Lee Schafer, Star Tribune

“Cyber Monday turned out to be another opportunity for Target to remind shoppers that it’s not

Target marked down everything 15 percent for the biggest online shopping day of the year and then saw its website buckle under the strain. “Please hold tight,” said an error message that greeted shoppers. “So sorry, but high traffic’s causing delays …”

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  • hike

    what an armchair quarterback

  • Grady

    Every Wall Street analyst is an arm chair quarterback, and they’re much less forgiving then the author. Target wants to be a brick and mortar retailer only, rather than accept that they’re also a software company and online retailer. Outsourcing your online presence and infrastructure to Amazon for a decade is the proverbial fox-in-the-henhouse strategy. And now Target is partnering for home delivery rather than take it on themselves as a strategic asset. Why give Instacart the name address and cc# of every one of your customers willing to take regular home delivery from online purchases? Back to the point, if your web site goes down on the biggest online shopping day of the year that indicates that you have bigger problems than a journalist. Target is a huge company, and questioning their strategic decisions is more than fair game. This is a black eye for any company, let alone a company that’s in a pitched battle with Walmart and Amazon for their existence and playing catch up. This sort of thing CANNOT happen again if Target is to survive the next 20 years, no matter what the expense.