Code Day At The Works Museum Is Where Young Engineers Are Made


The Works Museum has been inspiring next generation engineers and creative thinkers since the late Rebecca Schatz formed the Bloomington non-profit in 1995.


Through exhibits, special programs, and design challenges — “The Works engage kids in science, technology, and engineering and make learning memorable and fun.”  In celebration of Computer Science Education Week on Saturday, they held their inaugural Code Day, which was no exception to that philosophy.

For a first time event, there was a sizable crowd of 234 attendees as certain members of the local tech community showed their support by mentoring and helping kids in Minnesota to gain an introduction and understanding for STEM related careers.

Representatives from 10 organizations: Arduino.MN –  Code Savvy –  CoderDojo TC –  Technovation MNID TechKatie Coders of St. Katherine UniversityKid Around TownNormandale CollegeTonka <codes>University of St. Thomas Project & Robotics Club had tables set up to provide information and demos.

“As we started reaching out to organizations, they were excited to introduce us to more groups working in this space, and the event quickly built momentum. The response from the tech community was amazing,” says Sarah Curtis, Marketing Manager at the Works, was inspired by the outpouring of support for the event.

40 volunteers(!) helped to make the event engaging and fun for people of all ages, not just the kids. Attendees had the opportunity to explore tessellations and print them with pancake batter, build small circuits with LittleBits, learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation, as well as use visual software to program robots to achieve desired outcomes.

To learn more or become involved in future events at The Works Museum, check out The Wizards in January, Tech Fest in February, or Robot Day in April.


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  • Jeff Pesek

    I LOVE seeing this and my hat goes off to those who were part of making it happen!