Minnesota Tech Community Champion 2015: Nels Pederson

by The TECHdotMN Team


Nels Pederson

Nels Pederson is our Minnesota Tech Community Champion 2015


Nels Pederson’s first exposure to the local tech scene was as a freshman at the Unversity of Minnesota when he scored an internship with Scrubadoo (before it was bought).

While there, owner and mentor Brett Brohl suggested he think bigger than just his role within their single  company.  Brohl challenged him to dive headfirst into all things entrepreneurship and to become exposed to the broader startup community to round out his experience.

Nels took that advise to heart.  Upon graduation, he gained full time employment with Brohl while seeking further opportunities to get involved and give back to the ecosystem that he was becoming a part of.

It was through that process that he became introduced to an emerging event in need of some heavy lifting: Twin Cities Startup Week.  For the uninitiated, Startup Week is full week of all things startup, tech, and entrepreneurship around the Twin Cities. 

Nels rolled up his sleeves and accepted the challenge to co-lead last years inaugural launch and went on to carry the full weight this year.

From September 8-15, nearly 50 different events were condensed into 6 days of action — all centrally organized and managed by Nels behind the scenes.  He doesn’t have title, ask for any credit, or even take a paycheck for his time investment — which was estimated to be around 400 hours.

Suffice it to say that Nels Pederson is the backbone of Startup Week, and without him it simply wouldn’t have happened as it did.

“I see Startup Week as a catalyst that brings thousands together in a unique way to celebrate all that’s great about our tech community. It’s really been personally rewarding to see that happen, I feel fortunate to be a part of it all.”

What a standout, we appreciate you Nels :)


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  • http://www.sparkstarter.com Benjamin Hohl

    Great article, great guy! Well deserved, Nels!

  • Ross Rosenbaum

    Bravo Nels!