LeadPages Is On The Acquisition Hunt


leadpageslogoMinneapolis software venture LeadPages wants to augment growth this year via acquisition says CEO Clay Collins.

“We’re sitting on a lot of cash,” said the outspoken leader in response to this initial tweet. “As we seek to continue our trajectory, an acquisition is becoming more front and center.”

Franklin Partners

Collins elaborated on his ideal match to include “quantifiable marketing products” that help to measurably lower customer acquisition costs.  “Were looking first and foremost for technology that’s a fit with our current customer base, followed by a founding team led by a product visionary.”

Examples could be an email service provider or similar saas product that serves small businesses, a segment in which the firm has amassed 40k+ customers.

“We would love to find a local partner,” he emphasized when noting a relationship outside the midwest would necessitate the founding team relocate to Minnesota.

Last year we saw a number of deals between local companies, notably Insite Software + Storyworks1, FieldNation + FieldSolutions, and Healthland + Rycan.  Interested parties are encourage to send a direct message @ClayCollins on twitter or connect with Corp Dev Lead James Haughawout.


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  • Casual Observer

    So if they’re sitting on such a pile of cash, why did they just lay off 20 people and cancel all their sponsorships? Something doesn’t add up.

    • http://twitter.com/casey__allen Casey Allen

      Google does this often. They decide to scale back project Y and go heavier in project Z. Not all Ys can move over to become Zs, no matter how hard they try, and some are let go. It’s probably not as uncommon in growing companies as one would think.

      We just don’t read about it often because these things, unless you’re Google, Facebook, or Apple, generally aren’t very newsworthy.

      • another casual observer

        this guy is so smart

        • http://twitter.com/casey__allen Casey Allen

          Thanks, I try.

    • http://www.marketingshow.com Clay Collins

      We didn’t drop ANY sponsorships that I know of. We did need to part ways with some folks. On a percentage basis it was in the single digit percentage level. Casey’s instincts as to why provide some good guidance.