Minneapolis Sports Tech Startup Prevent Biometrics Is Raising $2.5m

Prevent-BiometricsMinneapolis startup Prevent Biometrics is raising $2.5m in equity financing with $300k banked, according to this recent SEC disclsoure.

Led by Steve Washburn, the former CEO of name brand mouthguard maker Shock Doctor, Prevent comes from proprietary technology spun out of the Cleveland Clinic.

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Together with partner and COO Frank Grazzini, they are out to improve the safety of athletes who participate in contact sports, specifically aiming to better identify concussions, head trauma that is hard to detect and diagnose with serious repurcussions.

The method involves a battery powered mouthguard with embedded sensors that collects data on a number of factors related to the force of gravity on impact. This is then paired with a mobile application for monitoring and alerts that exceed predictive thresholds, based on algorithms sourced from the Cleveland Clinic.

Still in the early stages, the venture was a 2015 Minnesota Cup finalist last year, while their website says the product will hit the market in Q4 of 2016.


Former Shock Doctor CEO Leads The Charge On Smart Mouthguard Startup