Twin Cities Orchestra Conductor Goes Full Tech Entrepreneur With Ion Concert Media


Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.04.39 PMWhen local orchestra conductor Scott Winters was seeking a tool that could synchronize the film and the sounds of live performances with affordability, ease and artistry — he came up empty handed.

But that didn’t stop him from ultimately getting what he wanted.

Winters became an entrepreneur with the creation of Ion Concert Media, a Minnesota music startup he orignally founded in 2013 to introduce a new software product called Museik that would address this void.

Museik is a very esoteric kind of thing — used by conductors, producers, and composers to gain precision and flexibilitye over how their digital media syncs with live music.  Winters describes the ability to bend digital files in real time without distortion and with what he calls ‘microsync’ precision, as ION’s big breakthrough — a never before achieved precision.  You have to see it in action to appreciate:

He says the key benefit is how ION unlocks the live event from having to follow the fixed tempo of the screen, opening up a whole new realm of audience engagement and creative expression.

“A live event is not static, so why should the video? We are a visually oriented society,” Winters says.  “This growing performance trend is the evolution of cinema.”

ION broke out four months ago at the Granada Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA where the technology was usedto project a high value film created by the USC School for the Cinematic Arts on a Christie 4K projector. That caught the attention of numerous event producers and has since brought him more demand than he can keep up with.

The venture has had paying customers for a year now, just had its first show with the Minnesota Orchestra, and has 12 employees. He projects a quarter million plus in revenues this year as the company begins to scale beyond its bootstraps.

“Live entertainment of all stripes will be continue to evolve as the lines between the screen and the stage are blending.  We’re on the forefront such experiences, and having a ton of fun with it all.”

To get a glimpse of Museik in action, The St Olaf Band will demonstrate the technology at a Showcase Performance at the MMEA Convention next month — Thursday, February 11 at 7:30pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center.


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